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1.  You will get a half of beef weighing somewhere near 300#.


Beware of the person that is buying day old Jersey/Holstein dairy calves, feeding them a bag of milk replacer, putting them out to pasture and hay for 2 years, having them weigh only 750# live and dress only 350# (175# a half), and then selling them as grass-fed beef.  These animals are at best good hamburger, but certainly not good for roasts or steaks.  Finally, dairy cattle have very little muscle compared to beef cattle and are bred and handled to produce milk.  They do not produce a good meaty carcass at a young age.  These kinds of operations can only put a sour taste in your mouth in more ways than one. 


Please take the time to thoroughly investigate what you are buying before you make an investment in your nutrition.


                                                                                                                                                          -- Bob Rose, Owner

As a beef producer for over 40 years, I find it hard to accept the kind of cattle some are marketing as grass-fed beef.  Beef cattle are just that, they are bred and handled to produce a good meaty carcass by 18-20 months of age (about 550 days).  Our calves are born in March or April and spend about 200 days nursing mama and eating grass to achieve a weight of about 500#.  Then they spend the next 200 days eating good quality hay to gain about 1.5# per day or 300# more, now weighing about 800#.  Finally, they spend their last 150 days on lush pasture gaining 2# per day for another 300#, finishing at 1100#.  This will produce a carcass of about 600-700#.