Golden Hill Farms

- Sides and Prices


If you would elect to buy a side of beef, you would get some more options. Examples would be thicker steaks, maybe a Standing Rib Roast instead of some of the Delmonico Steaks, thin cut Round Steak to cook as Braciole, larger packages of ground beef, etc.  Again, all of the cuts are boneless except the round bone roasts, plate boil and short ribs.


Also, we will not let you go home with a lot of cuts of meat that you will not use, in other words it's a lot easier to give you 10 packages of plate boiling beef than it is to bone out the plate for ground beef, but not everyone needs 10 packages of plate boil.  You are our customer and we are not about to take the easy way out.


We will walk you through what you will use and give you all the choices for each primal part of your side of beef.  Our experience in meat processing will assure you of a very satisfying beef buying experience.


Sides of beef are $4.25 per lb. on the hanging weight, and will yield about 60%, since nearly all of the cuts are boneless.


We do require a 25% deposit on sides because they are probably not a standard cut, and might not suit another customer's needs.  That would be about $300.00.  This would be due when we get your cutting instructions.  However, to hold a side for you, it might be a good idea to make some kind of a deposit, as the cattle will be sold on a              first-come-first-served basis.


Another payment option is to pay $250/month starting in May.  Then by September you should have your side mostly, if not all, paid for       -- make it easy on yourself!



In order to cut the side to your specifications, we will need to talk to you.